east coast portraits: lisa and brian: and waiting for the storm part 1


we just returned from a Very Breezy walk around the block to meet up with twenty-five fellow Hardy Souls at the 24 hour diner for a spot of breakfast and companionship.

not many leaves left on the ground from last night’s storm part 1 (or more of a pre-storm, from what we understand with 70mph – whatever that is in old money – off-shore and heading this way) but we could not take photographs as it’s just Too Wet out there for the grown-up camera.

however we Did take photographs at the weekend on a sunny day in Brooklyn after a Splendid Brunch at Lisa and Brian’s house (with actual garden – we adore having friends with gardens and books and Pez dispenser collections).

sunny afternoons in Brooklyn are very important memories when one is Hunkering down against the Storm just a few days later.

of course, cueing up an Observation or two – the most interesting thing about storms is how they bring out not only a sense of impending doom but a need to make Soup (and tea, if you happened to have any british blood) and also a renewed excitement about meeting-someone-before-the-Holidays.

we cannot Tell you how much flirting there is going on right now in the tri-borough-ness of NYC – a fRenZY indeed – most amusing……..with some very snappy dialogue (this is, of course, the Place that brought you Nick and Nora Charles.)

we like to think of Lisa and Brian as our Nick and Nora (we know So Few married couples it seems, of the once-traditional M/F situation, that is) so we like to go round to their house and Observe from a small expanding kitchen stool by the fridge and listen to their dialogue and occasionally accept a cup of tea or a glass of grapefruit juice and a pancake made from an eminent French doctor’s Lifestyle Regime.

returning to the Storm for one moment, we’d like to turn to Louisa May Alcott (don’t you?) for her homespun American philosophy:

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship
Louise May Alcott

ah yes.

tis true.

navigating Very Nicely over here at the moment thanks, in great part, to Lisa* – of Lisa and Brian, featured here.

*she’s our Literary Agent (isn’t that a fabulous thing to be able to say? gosh, yes.)

4 thoughts on “east coast portraits: lisa and brian: and waiting for the storm part 1

  1. Pez!

    And such fabulous images, and the iconic Nick and Nora.

    I am guessing you may have no power or are otherwise occupied with all things post-Sandy. Sending all good wishes that you are safe and warm and taking many photographs…

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