east coast portraits: michele

hello again!

this just in…….(because we like to get Picture Approval before Posting and the email just popped in to say “yes!” so we thought we’d post Right Now before heading to the swimming pool and then off to meet nMp to see Cloud Atlas – quelle luxury of a day)

we took a trip uptown this morning and did some more east coast portraits, (before we move to the Other Coast) and followed Michele around the most lovely pre-war apartment with a lifetime of family memories of New York and the fashionable set and a life well-lived intertwined with a life being planned – such a splendid and inspiring combination indeed.

we do seem to know the Most Interesting people who live in the most Splendid of places.

we actually suspected we knew that before – but traveling around NYC (and upstate too), taking photographs and drinking tea and having the Most Interesting conversations, we are now convinced that we’ve had the most incredible experience living in NYC for 6 years and have the evidence to show for it.

it’s actually quite breathtaking and sort of a-steady-one-self-on-the-kitchen-butchers-block sense of gratitude to be honest.

it took taking pictures to understand how great it really has been, thus far.


2 thoughts on “east coast portraits: michele

  1. Just a it sad … But, you are a brilliant photographer – capturing the inner beauty of all your subjects! Always, j

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