tea and pictures and a lovely conversation @tag collective


after breakfast-with-friends – we picked up the grown-up camera and headed East – past the Bowery and the restaurant supply shops (always makes one muse on parallel lives and imagine purchasing round aluminium table and chairs for a small italian frothy-coffee bistro or a Popcorn machine and a noodle maker) and then, further down, the Chandelier Stores (#weadoreachandelier) – we might well spend a little of the Advance (such a beautiful word) for the Book on a Chandelier of Our Own – we kept walking until we arrived at the Design Studio for our new friends Jason and Becca at Tag Collective.

after we had our Tea and Conversation we snapped away while they returned to their Macintosh (computers, not traditional Rainwear) and airily let them know we’ll be transposing all the shots into B&W as befits their profession.

don’t they look Deep in Thought and very clever and Inspired and Smart? we think so….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

plus the B&W reflected our mood – we were feeling a Tiny bit Berlin (NYC, today, is rather grim and gray/grey/Dior-shade) – but it’s good to know there’s an undercurrent of deep creativity down on Chrystie Street………

as we walked back down into SoHo, we spotted quite a few lost-in-Brooklyn types in heavy knit with impressive beards and pretending they didn’t see Gabriel Byrne in the cupcake shop on Prince – no, darlings, he wasn’t eating a cupcake – just lustily downing a large cup of coffee and frowning elegantly over a hardback book as if adapting-it-for-screen, no doubt – we didn’t ask – we just sipped our coffee and wrote in the moleskine (- #142 if you’re curious).

it’s going to be a splendid day.

when one starts with B&W photography at a design studio, you just know it’s going to be chic.

6 thoughts on “tea and pictures and a lovely conversation @tag collective

  1. Black and white is so magnificently moody… perfect for certain days, certain nights, certain hours, a certain sort of ambiance…

    Gabriel Byrne.

    Hmmm. No such sightings in my little community. Possibly a flaky housewife overly adorned at a nearby mall… but surely not deep in a book or a cup of Joe, even if such a sighting were to take place…

    As much as I love NY, I miss Paris! There, everything is a sighting and ought to be shot in b & w.


    1. Dearest D

      We must come up with a paris story from our travels from-before and ask you for memories……

      NY today is looking very Paris with streetsweepers moving flame orange leaves off the sidewalk.

      _tg xx

  2. I so wish I were walking the grand streets of NYC with you – thru your eyes – especially downtown – to be a delicious experience.

    Forgive the silence ….
    You sound divine……
    Good news with the 20+ hours of travel to Shanghai, i had some quiet moments – you would have been the only one to call but thankfully, phone calls are still off limits on flight….

    Are you in the city this weekend? We have so much to discuss, review, contemplate, Love to you and Gloria…..always, jeannette

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