the stemist private view, gallery visit and a cup of tea.


a truly lovely afternoon with the stemist to see his latest work (in a gallery) and a private view of some of his earlier pieces, in situ at his new abode – such a splendid, thought-provoking, colo(u)r-filled rhapsody in chenille stem.

enjoy…….we took a Lot of pictures.

and had a cup of tea (not shown) and some sparkling conversation and serious catching-up-on-our-Lives-thus-far.

the stemist and teamgloria found that we both have Quite Different lives from a Year ago………which is a thrilling aspect of Life and bravery and making different choices and getting book deals and falling in love and finding new sources of employment and moving house and generally taking a Leap into the Delicious unknown……Thrilling, indeed, darlings.

do say something - do :-)

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