maple trees, madonna and movies in the afternoon.

we got the most delicious email earlier today –

do you want to go to the movies today – late afternoon?

it was at Exactly the right moment because we got up Very Early and met up with some friends for a breakfast meeting – then walked all the way to the Village to Swim and Steam (gently) and generally feel very good about oneself – and then we were at the Library (which we adore) after reading the Italian newspapers (we studied Latin) at a bistro and doing Lots of Important Work and giving special advice, when asked, and doing a copy-edit-digital-device consultancy job (fun!) and so the email just popped in and we said:

gosh – yes – what shall we see and where and when?

just like that.

who knew Life could be this Full and yet flexible? – delicious.

so after what was a full day of work squeezed into some not too Long Hours, we headed uptown and had a very deep and meaningful Movie Experience.

have you seen the sessions?

an absolutely Remarkable film – full of gentle humanity and agonizing choices and what-has-life-wrought and how to get-through-it with grace and lots of humo(u)r and yet some scenes are So painful that you just have to look away – or lean forward and into the feelings and sip tea and just let it all inside your soul.


do see it, darlings.

we were so blown away that we turned to our movie-companion – we didn’t ask permission so we can’t say who it was – but we hesitated over the choice of movies and this could have been a tough one but we’re both writers – oops, let that one slip – so we can handle anything by talking about Life, love and writing (in some particular order, maybe not that one…..) and said:

shall we go to the park and talk about life, love and writing?


and so we did – and it was a Park in full Autumnal deliciousness!


apparently it’s a maple tree.

we had to walk across the road to check.

isn’t it lovely to take time to cross the road to check on the shape of leaves so you can see if they look like the symbol for Canada?

(it was – and it is lovely).

then we took the subway back downtown, checking emails/voicemails while on-the-move and then had a few moments before our supper with a friend so we slipped into Bleecker Street Records – a symphony of Vinyl-with-disco-ball-a-shimmering like a slip of 1978 tucked into a rainy-day-in-the-city.

we hesitate to admit this – but you probably guessed it from the title – non?

here’s what we bought – it looked so disco-ball-memories of frosty-pink lipstick, lace gloves, temptation in the back alleys and a Sense of Vast Intense possibility (these sensations really do depend on how old one was in 1985, we are aware – but it was a Very Formative Year for us).

plus “dress you up” is a very misunderstood track – it really has a splendid beat – brings back memories of dark walled bedrooms, multiple bangles-pearls-vintage-crucifix on an old dressmaker’s dummy ready to adorn a bunch of teen girls heading Into the Night and out towards the Future.

You’ve got style, that’s what all the girls say
Satin sheets and luxuries so fine
All your suits are custom made in London
But I’ve got something that you’ll really like


do you have a secretly-memory-bound Madonna track?

go. on. do. tell.




2 thoughts on “maple trees, madonna and movies in the afternoon.

  1. That maple tree!
    Those disco balls!
    (Both make me smile, but not quite as much as that picture of Madonna… Oh, the memories of a time in life that brings back! Not to mention the freedom (and foolishness?) to dress in that fashion!)

    And on anything else… I’ll keep mum.

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