Argo, Gayby and late night chats in the diner.


we did not post yesterday because we were in the cinema.


pretty much all day.

because we can.

and because we wanted to.

but mostly because it’s Bloody Cold in NYC and yet apparently not cold enough to have turned on the large steam pipes that power the boiler that makes our apartment building (well – not ours, clearly – we Rent) all toasty, for winter.

so we went to the movies.

first of all we ducked into an early showing of a movie so bad that we shall never mention it because we only love to celebrate glorious things here.


not even a plot line or a title or anything.

while we were considering what-to-do-next we popped downstairs (yes, it was something of a multiplex but a cool east village one, awfully near st. mark’s place) and slipped into the back of the larger screening room to see the last JOYOUS moments (again) of Pitch Perfect. aca-fabulous.

and then we decided it was almost time for a snack – but one while walking (which was Strictly Against the Rules when we were at boarding school, in england – pretty sure it was an Order Mark, worse than a Nuisance Mark – of which we had many – sigh – mostly for Talking – quelle shock – and Wardrobe Mis-haps – like the time we forgot to get our beige – shudder – socks out of the washing machine and had to wear the over-the-knee-deep-red ones – oh dear, a Bad Day).

we digress.

while en route to snack and whatever-the-next-movie would be (yes, we usually are So much more controlled in our schedule but this is a new Life so hell, let it all go – plus we have Fandango on our phone to check listings on-the-go, it’s not like the days of carrying City Limits cuttings in one’s bag).

we passed by Cinema Village (the Village being Greenwich, darlings).

and there it was – just about to Start (a sign from the gods, always).





and there’s this character whom one would think is a supporting role but then he suddenly becomes a Crucial plot point motivator and you can’t stop watching him, he light up the screen and – guess what – it’s the Writer/Director!

he’s adorable and So Witty and the timing is brilliantly tight and Very clever. seriously so.

his name.

one to watch, darlings.

Jonathan Lisecki.

of course we are already Great Friends (well, on Twitter, as of, like, you know, Yesterday).

definitely a new talent in the realm of the cinematic gods.

talking of cinematic gods.


Ben Affleck?



did you see it yet?

we see a LOT of movies and we have to say we were Transfixed and stunned and blown away by the drama and the Timing and the elegance and the humanity.

plus it went Undercover in Hollywood (and then Out There in Iran which was scary and chilling and wonderfully captured – and with surprisingly good integrity and purpose and sensitivity).




who knew?

well – you did.

sadly we’re not Great Friends with Ben (even on Twitter) – yet.

but as you know we’re Heading to Hollywood(land) so you never know.

about anything.

which is why this new life is not just beautiful but scary and Quite Immense in its potential scope and Vista.

isn’t that delicious?

have you been to the cinema recently?

tell us what you saw?

DVDs count, yes.

especially if it’s cold out there.

and you have a soft, warm, pashmina or vintage car blanket from Connolly to snuggle under.

you do?

oh, that’s good.

we made sure we had a very large pashmina to curl up with in the cinema – and we didn’t see all those movies alone – oh no – we have splendid companions for our cinematic travels – including the lovely nMp with whom we talked late into the night at the diner after Argo….

……and received our first holiday ornament!

ah. yes. nMP made it for who-we-are-in-RL (sometimes it is Very confusing, we agree).

happy (almost) holidays, darlings.

do say something - do :-)

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