mad about madeline. tea at the carlyle.


just a quick note before we turn in for the night.

we had tea at the divine Carlyle today with someone Very Glam (we can’t tell you who because we didn’t ask permission – but they have a blog and if they upload their pictures from our tea, perhaps they’ll let us link there. watch this space).

it’s such a glorious place.

And – we almost forgot – it’s Madeline’s place. did you know?

she also was a character with a real(ish) person behind her.



his name was Ludwig Bemelmans.

Madeline inherited her spunky personality from her creator, Ludwig Bemelmans. Like Madeline, Bemelmans was a free spirit and a man of strong opinions. His list of creative talents was considerable—a novelist, muralist, nonfiction writer, screenwriter, and oil painter. He was a regular contributor to The New Yorker, Vogue, Holiday, and Town & Country magazines. He painted murals in a bar named for him at the Carlyle Hotel and sold a screenplay to MGM. Austrian-born Bemelmans lived in New York and surrounded himself with a rich variety of people, places, and personalities.

we feel sure that we would have ADORED Ludwig.

how could one not?

he did such Lovely Murals of Madeline in the bar at the Carlyle.

and anyone who surrounded himself with a “rich variety of people, places and personalities” – well – they deserve to be adored. non?

as does the divine personage that we had tea with (and may we say once more that a Vintage Hermes watch is so beautifully off-set by the palest of cashmere – a clever choice).

yes, we’re Mad about Madeline.

craZY for tea at the Carlyle.

and a bit scared about the future.

but that’s another story.

and if we only got to sleep early enough, we might not get so apprehensive about moving-and-new-lives-to-come.

you think?

(that was our Joan Rivers impression – did you pick that up?)

night, love.




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