back to black (and white) #NYC

so despite the late-late-late-ness of the delayed-delayed-delayed flight back from Miami last night – we returned home to NYC once more.

to some delicious black & white photography opportunities (a walk down the Bowery) and a divine portrait of our friend Greg (another in our Project to record our lovely friends on This Coast before we move to the Other Coast) and supper in a diner with NmP.

no jet lag (no time difference) but still an out-of-body-experience flying from the mellow ice-cream colors/colours/shades of South Beach to the gritty lower-east-side and tough talk of N-Y-C.

it’s good to be back.

2 thoughts on “back to black (and white) #NYC

  1. Hi darling,

    You see manhattan with a very exciting eye…I miss you so and sad I will not see your pretty face and smile in the am….I am home from weeks of some exciting places especially Maasai Mara…..

    I will try my best to post some exciting photos….thank y ou for keeping me posted …..always, xx j

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