goodnight, Miami


we are Renewed, Refreshed and feeling Really well (and Quite a bit sun-love-burnished)

for some reason (no alarm – no need) we awoke with the dawn over the ocean.

isn’t it breathtaking?

and then – not long after (well, after the hours or so it took to walk down the beach to enjoy the people putting out chairs on the sand and the dogs running free with their owners panting to keep up) – suddenly – blue skies – and a BALLOON!Do you know The Tides?

At least that’s what it was called when we were Last Here (for the Millennium) – now it’s called King & Grove The Tides.


we had a lovely breakfast.

no one was around (twas early, we suppose, for beach lovers and nightclub dwellers) so it felt a Tiny Bit off-season-in-Eastbourne and sort of Anita Brookner, writing alone, by the window, sheafs of papers and plot points (yes, we’re writing Something New) – and yet delicious. 

and then – an afternoon by the Pool.

why yes.

that Is Rimbaud.

a decent counterpoint of deep thought and wondrous prose poems to the ice-cream beauty of South Beach, darlings.

why not, indeed?

did you have a simply gorgeous day? We heard NYC has rain.

oh dear.


thank goodness we have One More day (but not night, for tomorrow we return to the glittering Gotham in-the-rain).

so – for the last time – until we don’t know when (and isn’t that just one of the Most Magical things about Life?) –

goodnight, Miami

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