Tootsie: the master class.


happy sunday morning from manhattan – it’s a crisp, autumnal day and we already did our early-constitutional and (look away for a moment, William), made a bacon sandwich – from scratch – with the small french iron pan, real butter, freshly sliced thick beefsteak tomatoes and (american) bacon and a portuguese roll (the deli owners en route as we made our way back home stock the same rolls that they have in the little bread vans that make their daily deliveries in rural portugal – amazing – you can get Everything in NYC).

and a (small) pot of coffee.

we’ve started to do morning pages again (have you ever done that? it’s a Julia Cameron brilliance-task from the Artists-Way) to clear our head before starting the day in a sunny frame of mind.

what came up today (apart from the bad stuff which we shall Not Bore you With – it’s the same stuff that everyone else panics about – you know – best not to give it weight by putting it here – write it down – light a candle – tear it Up, love) was life lessons from Tootsie.

didn’t see that coming, did you?

oh, wait.

we put it in the Title field.

you did know that was on its way.


so much for intrigue and mystique, darlings.

so – Tootsie.

 it’s not necessarily the lessons in Drag that we got from Tootsie.

well. that’s not so true. we Did watch that bit in fascination at What it Entails.

we’ve often struggled with the requirements of being female and we have to admit we don’t own a lipstick – nope, not one – and we remember the delighted horror from a Very Glam acquaintance of ours when she found out we only own one mascara too – no – wait! we said – we own two – one for home and one for the little plastic ziplock case that contains our emergency supplies for post-swimming. she looked at us with a delicious sense of irony and swung open the closet door in her office – darlings, Bergdorfs would have been proud – there was enough changes of clothes, make-up, scarves and Shoes – (oh gosh, The Shoes – for a week on a yacht in the Med and a week to follow at the Shows in Milan, darlings – tremendously impressive).


the lessons we gleaned from Tootsie (at a very Young age when we first saw it) were about being two genders in one –

Michael – you’re a Man.

Yes. I’m a man.
But I’m also a great actress.

and finding out how actors get those lovely voices (many years after seeing Tootsie we had Voice Training ourselves – did we ever tell you we studied Theatre?)

and how one’s projection of another Better self can help one become a Better person.

I think Dorothy is smarter than me.

(director’s notes: Being a woman has made a better man of you – Sydney Pollack said he couldn’t direct the movie until he was given this note by the scriptwriters – ah! he said – That I know how to direct).

I miss Dorothy.

You don’t have to – she’s right here.

now This Bit is fascinating – Michael becomes a better Michael by being Dorothy (and all the women around become empowered by watching Dorothy not stand for any crap in the workplace which is sort of the same premise as Switch – which we Also adore)

you see where we’re going, right?

being gloria has made us a better – probably not a better woman – but definitely a better Person – and sometimes when we’re talking to people and we lighten up and relax and don’t need the Armour/armor/protection anymore and we smile – the people that know us in RL and know gloria here sometimes say:

just for a second, I could totally see gloria.

sometimes when we put on our mascara (either the one at home or at the swimmingPool – changing rooms – not actually while In The Water) – we can see gloria too.

and while we work out how to finish this chapter and get healthy and ready for the next one – on the Other Coast – sometimes it’s easier to be gloria than it is to be who we are in RL.

because sometimes we don’t really know who that is anymore.

the last lesson from Tootsie’s master Class is this one:

The hard part is over – we were already great friends.


that one we’re still working on.



6 thoughts on “Tootsie: the master class.

  1. I initially read this post on Sunday a.m. but was busy and couldn’t respond. I was glad to reread it just now and want to say that it’s excellent. It almost seems like some of this messaging could be incorporated into your next book — you know, the one you write about what you discover in the City of Angels! :-) I particularly enjoyed the Tootsie tip, “one’s projection of another Better self can help one become a Better person.” What we project out to this world can affect others, and you are doing so in a positive way (can’t wait to read your book!). Good luck on your continued road to self-discovery, a road that we all walk. My father, an 82-year old former judge and lawyer with much life experience, has always told me, “It’s simple, really. In the end, each of us wants acceptance and love — not for who we are or what we will be, but as we are.”

  2. I did look away, but I don’t mind others doing bacon, just as long as they thank the pig. No vegetarians were harmed in the writing of this blog. I’m off to Cornwall again next week in The Lord Delfont. I’m sure the County will ask after you. Anyway must dash, as I have a spare tyre to buy. X

  3. I loved this. Nearly four years of building my hive has certainly built parts of me too. Without the duality of course, but without a doubt. As for that last lesson… no worries, it will come with time. Meanwhile, you have a sequel to write.

    Sorry I missed breakfast. I adore anything Portuguese…
    Just between us, I only own one mascara too. xx

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