the devastatingly di-vine diana vreeland #TheEyeHasToTravel


we saw Diana Vreeland (the movie, alas not the divine DV herself, although we’re Perfectly Sure she was there, in spirit, shuddering at the clothing choices and being simply wondrous mingling in the audience afterwards) at a late showing at the angelika (because, as you know, we adore a chandelier and the art house in soho has a Delicious twinkling one all crystals drops like a large ballgown at Versailles).

it was perfect.

we were so surprised – in a really good way.

DV always made good copy, it’s true. and her eye was exquisite – so anything that featured the pages from Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR was going to be a Visual Feast.

Lisa Immordino Vreeland is a great cineaste, a truly inventive filmmaker (and we can’t Wait to see what she does next).

the clips, the interviews, the sheet ingenuity of visual montage and ideas and allusion and animation and whimsy – a lovely story-teller.

quelle brilliance.

favorite/favourite/choicest bit?

oh yes.


Joel Schumacher is telling us how they found out DV had never seen the movie Chinatown so they took her to Harlem to the one cinema where it was still playing – the place was packed – and this was Harlem, 1974 – they’d never seen anyone like Diana Vreeland (who has?) and she acts like it’s the Upper East Side or Paris because she was completely at home wherever she was – as long as it wasn’t Boring. And the movie started and there was Jack Nicholson and suddenly, in clear ringing tones, her arms outstretched (probably with Tons of Bangles) to the screen in a moment of spiritual gloriousness, Diana Vreeland proclaims:

“Isn’t Jack ATTRACTIVE?!”

a devastatingly glorious moment.

go and see it, we implore you.

we had such a down-in-the-dumps-day yesterday and it Completely blew away the cobwebs.

Diana Vreeland was an original.

just delicious.


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