before coffee.

before coffee, we are very quiet.

during coffee, we are thoughtful.

after too much coffee, we are manic.

– such a delicate balance.

usually off-set by reading or distractions – after all, to meditate while drinking coffee would be foolish (so we stopped trying to do that).

it’s sort of annoying to be so controlled by a substance.

and we still feel that about having parts-of-our-body-removed-and-replaced-by-a-pill.

especially one you have to take on an empty stomach so need to remember to take it before coffee is even thought of, let alone brewed, or poured into a thick enamel mug and enjoyed with 1 per cent (but surprisingly rich, and, yes, organic) milk and a view over the tree tops of downtown manhattan.

it’s a mighty Pill one might say.

but it has a time clock on it.

by the time we got into a taxi cab at the corner of broadway and somewhere-in-the-60s (we were with friends, we walked a block or two or three – it’s a Very New York thing to do before one looks slightly worried back uptown and searches in vain for the flash of yellow and the light on the top of the available cars – but it’s Fall in the City and such a good place to walk) it was Very Late and our battery had run out.

it had been a long time since we fell into bed without removing the mascara.

but there you go.


by the drama-that-surrounds (still), a lot of stuff-to-do-at-work, swimming (fab), foot massage (delicious), movie (oh dear, Arbitrage, the less said the better) and supper with a Good Friend.

so it was 11pm (blimey).

and the armour thyroid replacement pill had clocked off for the night.

we didn’t even open the mail/post/parcels that had arrived – and we Adore a parcel.

felt a bit sad that we didn’t have any more juice inside.

so the coffee this morning was extra Jolt-y.


maybe when we move back to the Other Coast we’ll try and quit the caffeine (again).

we can feel the headache start to rise up in horror inside our head.


not today.

we have therapy at 10AM and NOBODY does therapy in New York without coffee.

especially the therapists.

by the way (shy smile across the interweb) – we love the new camera – it takes delicious whimsical and fluttery-light-shadow moments.

6 thoughts on “before coffee.

  1. Oh, but you can drink as much (godd) coffee you want/ need: NO bad contraindication… as least it’s what they say in Germany or Italy.
    As I was sometimes told: do as (much as) you please ’till you can’t live with the consequences…

    1. cheri!

      we were just thinking about you and planning to visit you across the interweb – bonjour encore :-)

      ah yes.

      we hear the coffee pot bubbling now…..mug to the readiness.

      waving across the ocean towards La Belle France.

      and living with the consequences ;-) love. that.

      _tg x

  2. Making a concerted effort to cut back on the coffee (as I have done in the past), and thus far, only two cups and feeling proud of myself if a bit droopy.

    Then again, droopy may be a matter of the silence of my surroundings which is (dreamily, deliciously) a rare treat, and encourages a sort of inner quiet that is even more rare.

    Here’s to relaxing days, taxis when you need them, your new camera, reduced caffeine (sans headache), and substances that keep us going doing their bit without making us feel less like ourselves which, after all, if we’re attentive and a little bit lucky, truly, we remain.


    1. dearest D

      two cups?


      we blush to admit our intake (even though we have glass mason jars with the tight lids that contain decaf as well for that half-caf experience which we learned upon arrival in NYC) – but the french market cafe product (from new orleans – you’ll understand the appeal of the mix with chicory – surprising – yet very Paris during-the-war) is so utterly delicious.

      waving from soho. just woke up. coffee is brewing!

      _tg x

  3. I was most pleased to start this morning with my most-necessary coffee, on my empty stomach, your am thoughts,and a shadowy captured moment. Now if only I would make time for therapy… It’s a gorgeous Fall day here- enjoy yours!

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