fresh as paint! #ThoroughlyModernMillie

just a swift one, darlings (we’re terribly late…..)

whenever we feel blue we watch a (you saw this coming, right?) a Julie Andrews movie and – fairly recently – we decided to see Thoroughly Modern Millie again*

*(although caveat to our friends in the People’s Republic of China as the portrayal of your country and its citizens is Not Kind – we are just Warning you……#sigh).

because nobody can be sad for long when they watch Carol Channing doing Jazz Baby

or admire Julie in her aviatrix look.

or cutting up the rug (is that the right expression? sometimes we get Awfully confused) in her flapper-gear (did we tell you that the great-grandmother of teamgloria was a flapper? tis true – it’s in our genes – she was also a nippy at Lyons Corner House in Picadilly – quelle cuteness.)

mary tyler moore, as “Miss Dorothy, from California” is delicious and Fresh As Paint (one of our favorite/favourite/choicest lines in the movie – although one would now use the expression to denote off-the-moment-in-style but in Those Days it was a subtle slur on a chap with wandering hands who was NSIT – Not Safe In Taxis) – with her lack-of-carrying-money-genteelness (an early sign of the crash-to-come) and carrying checks/cheques/credit-notes

julie has Such Charisma!

but the night really belongs to Carol if one is in a zany mood (and who isn’t these days)



back up…

why yes – that is James Fox, looking darling in his Julie-Andrews-impression.

amazing that James went from being such a clean cut (and, in the shot above well-shaven) chap..

to – a mere three years later – this Tour De Force: Performance

actors are so clever.

and brave.

we need to be brave.

but probably not in drag (today, at least).







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