estee, chloe, boudoir – and opium.



so we had a very glamorous breakfast this morning – we were both in Large Dark Glasses (it was bloody early) and no, darlings, we can’t say with whom we ate (well, neither of us actually ate, ’twas a fashionable breakfast – food? non. coffee, mais oui, and keep-it-coming).

but the Best dialogue ever overheard as we left.

your fragrance is divine.

thank you.

it’s…….? (leans in for an elegant neck moment)




since…..(insert year – and no we’re not saying)





yes, since (ahem – no year mentioned again but we all had Big hair that year)

isn’t that divine?

and then we overheard.

off to the tents, now.

we were a Tiny bit confused and then remembered what’s on at the lincoln center, and it’s not a Cher revival.

such delicately perfumed dialogue got us thinking about all the fragrances one has worn over the years……..too many to count…..Chanel No. 5, of course, a perennial (and initially stolen from a lover’s ex-lover’s supply in a bathroom cabinet Late one night in North London – a Very complicated story for another time, er blog ;-)


and there was That relationship where we attempted to get all grown up and into Armani (Gio?) (the relationship of the pale mini skirt suits with paler contrasting silk shell tops, what Were we thinking?).

ah! the spritz of l’air du temps and we’re straight back at boarding school envying the Nordic girls who had long straight hair (with no kicky bit on the right that refused to stay inside the elastic band) that was held back by a simple tortoiseshell clip.

and the one that reminds us of one of our (sadly no longer with us) mentors is Estee – whenever a glorious woman of about 80, wearing a simple Grecian shift and Large glasses and fabulous cropped hair, walks into a restaurant she’s Always in Estee by Estee.


we feel you leaning in to our neck with a questioning look…..


ah. yes.


what are you wearing?

yes, we want to hear from the chaps too.

do tell.

do. tell.





8 thoughts on “estee, chloe, boudoir – and opium.

  1. ‘Hugo’ by Boss today, at the weekend – Thierry Mulger Colgne, and next purchase will be back to my old signature scent of Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier.

    And the one that still makes me look twice and get a bit silly, when smelt on strapping chaps – D&G Pour Homme.

  2. Off to the tents! (*deep sigh*)

    Oh, the stories that come to mind when I think of my fragrance stages… (Very private Mona Lisa smile.)

    We’ll just say that the headiest and absolutely most appropriate is the one I wear now, selected for me a few years back by a Frenchman with a very fine… sensibility.

    Deeply sighing, again…

    1. oh how glamorous! to be bought fragrance is utterly the best ever – a deep sigh indeed – especially when both lovers have returned from glorious trips Abroad (separately, on business) and stopped off in Paris (always, Paris, non?) with a small (rather expensive) offering of something heady and exotic. bliss.

  3. Since I can no longer actually smell anything, I have to recall what scents are like. But my olfactory memory is bound completely with thoughts about people, places and experiences. So now I always wear No 5, as that seemed so terribly grown up when I last actually experienced it (i seem to recall my room at college being a mix of that and Crabtree and Evelyn Apple room spray). But I yearn for the sexiness of Paris (worn by a daring young man with long nails in the sixth form), and the bold 80s-ness of Fendi. Ah, what heady scents!

    1. gosh – hello!

      yes – that threw us back into College Years – Crabtree and Evelyn apple scent mixed with Chanel.

      heady days indeed.

      Milton, Waugh and Noh drama in the theatre department…..

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