a year ago: the long night before the knives on the throat.

strange how one (almost) forgets.

we woke up at a leisurely hour (it’s saturday in our part of the world – already sunday for our friends-in-Asia, we know) and took the pill that replaces-our-thyroid-and-glands and rested for a while (to let it absorb into our body, we guess, we never asked, sort of don’t want to know how it works, darlings) and then padded to the kitchen in bare feet to make coffee.

while the machine gurgled and hissed and made lovely dark-embrace-of-caffeine-producing sounds, we read our daily meditation (doing a bit-of-a-Zen-trip at the moment) and considered our navel (which was beneath a delicious shocking raspberry silk shift, so not actually considered it, more metaphorically) and looked around.

today’s mediation was lovely – may we share a little with you?

I want to make myself an empty room:
Quiet whitewashed walls with slant sunshine
And a fresh breeze through open windows.

We do not have enough peace. Yet peace will never be attained by perpetual action. Stirred water never has the chance to settle clear. A tree buffeted by winds can never grow straight. Give up all unnecessary activity. Give up all arbitrary actions. Make yourself receptive. The peace that you seek shall be quickly at hand.

isn’t that delicious?

we resolved to do more drifting, and less action today.

and then we remembered the date today: september 8th, 2012

remember september 8th, 2011 (if you were with us then – and so many of you kind and good RL and virtual friends were there to walk us through that day, we recall)?

the long night before the long knives on-the-throat

look back – but don’t stare.

somebody said this to us the other day.

and we smiled.


look back – but don’t stare.

there have been times where we have most definitely looked back in anger (don’t you just love Richard Burton but, on second thoughts, might not want to invite him to your virtual dinner party?) and, talking of Angry Young(ish) Men, we’ve always enjoyed Oasis‘s take on the matter:

Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play

so we will just take a moment – look back – and then get ready for the day.

if you’re in NYC today, take an umbrella – there’s a big thunderstorm in the pendulous clouds up there…..


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