twinkle lights and all we know.

to supper with mC – whom we’ve not seen for a while as we both travel a Great Deal – a most delicious evening

it started at a twinkle-light-restaurant (if you’re looking for a restaurant suggestion in NYC – and who isn’t, it seems, here’s the review for Freemans from the NY Times) – who knew there was such a magical place tucked down a potentially insalubrious alleyway in (on?) the Lower East Side, darlings.

and ended with a most-engrossing-performance-crossed-with-a-very-intellectual-history-lecture at a black box theatre.

life is never dull for teamgloria.

the theatre was a Rather Experimental (and rather good) affair about three women and their grandes affaires in the twilight world of the love that dare not speak its name but, in the case of Madge Garland, wore Very elegant Chanel suits and made Bold Statements like:

Velvet is Very Important.

which, of course, it is.

particularly if one is a Very Important fashion editor.

do say something - do :-)

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