cafe crush in berlin and marmite in manhattan


it’s been a Long Time since we had marmite.


so we were thrilled that they had some on the menu at the glamorous private-members-club this morning.

of course we chased it with a carrot juice (shades of the Other Coast) and a Large pot of English breakfast tea, for two (shades of the Old Country) and there was an extraordinary view over manhattan from upstairs and a lovely long conversation.

are you in town for Fashion Week? so many glamorous types have arrived – all unfeasibly tottering-on-heels and frowning delicately because they won’t take out their glasses to read the embossed invitations.

of course they were still asleep this morning while we breakfasted.

and That Crowd isn’t known for loving marmite anyway.

or toast.

especially not toast.

oh! almost forgot.

we have a new cafe crush.

we’ve not yet seen it in RL yet (but we hear excellent things about its frothy coffee and its Vinyl and sparse yet elegant Norwegian, Irish and German roots – what a delicious combination).

so if you’re in Berlin soon (oh wouldn’t that be utterly delicious? sadly we cannot travel out of the USA for a little while until Everything’s Sorted with the International Paperwork #sigh)

but if You’re in Berlin.

why not pop to our latest (virtual) cafe crush: Oslo Kaffebar


no marmite.

in fact no food, as yet.

just coffee.

ah, the dark embrace of caffeine.

in all its most purest, freshly ground and gently steaming in a mug with the seductive slight hiss of vinyl as the needle hits the groove.


oh for a day in a cafe with a novel-to-write and a subtle amount of flirting with a knowledgeable barista.

do say something - do :-)

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