back to school.


alas, tomorrow, we’re Back To School, together with all the other people in Corporate America post-Labor-Day weekend.

unlike the sprite (whom we saw today for a Most delicious cup of Tea) who heads back – according to her Desk Planner (see fig. 1) on the 6th.

fig. 1

(we like that the sprite shows a certain degree of enthusiasm regarding her return to School – that’s encouraging).

other sites seen today as we caught up on life-in-manhattan, downtown.

the missoni family gave David his winter woolens (so kind, if not a Bit Strange)
One of the magical things about manhattan are the books left on the sidewalk for passers-by to take (we would do the same if we didn’t have Jonathan to take our donations to housing works) – you can usually tell the neighborhood/locale by the selection left behind (all the Joan Didions are snapped up instantly, of course) – this box had James Joyce, assorted spiritual’ish texts from the lesser known west coast cultural movements of the mid-to-late-70s, a Virginia Woolf (Room of……., not the novels) and a Margaret Drabble, perhaps two.
for once, we didn’t take anything because we are Rather Stocked Up at the moment (and we blush to admit we’d read most of the materials in the box, including one of the dodgy texts from the mid-70s – as a Retro Exercise while a Radical Student, we hasten to assure you.)
what else?
ah yes.
a View of the Rooftops from the meatpacking district (yes, tinted and “enhanced” – the thunderstorms predicted for tonight were heavy in the air all day).
back at the sprite’s house, we drank tea and admired the flowers growing on the balcony –
aren’t they beautiful? apparently they’re called Mandeville. not Mandalay (as in Noel Coward’s Road To Mandalay)
do you – like the sprite – have freshly sharpened pencils?
oh! darlings! remember that line from You’ve Got Mail?
Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.
one of the joys of living in manhattan (for another three months, that is) is seeing Movie Stars near one’s apartment.
like Meg Ryan.
she was standing outside ‘snice (sullivan street) on saturday late afternoon as we sipped our iced coffee (just two per cent milk please, no sugar needed), and we suddenly realized who it was when she did that little back-shoulder-move-in-sheer-delight at something someone on the phone had said and we thought “oh, wow, that’s Meg Ryan”.
we Must leave you now and go and sharpen some pencils.
and maybe watch You’ve Got Mail.
it’s a movie that definitely celebrates autumn in New York – freshly sharpened pencils, falling leaves and listening to Sinatra while taking a walk in the park.

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