we need to pause for a while………….

The Scar will continue to heal.

We will continue to wait for the green card.

But need to “step back” as they say, from blogging, for a bit.

We felt warned the other day. And cannot risk anything.

Perhaps we’ll still take pictures – who knows – maybe we’ll go Underground and start with a New Voice.

Until then

a bientot –

_tg xx

6 thoughts on “pause……

  1. May 15 was the day we left for Spain. We had a glorious time in Madrid, Barcelona and Galicia (in Gondomar and Santiago). I certainly wish you well during your siesta and hope that you will return!

  2. I was missing your photographs so I had a look here. Breathtaking news but I hope you will return after this veiled intermezzo even more glorious. I really like your texts, thoughts and pics. So keep to your way of enriching others’ lifes. All the best to you!

  3. I’ve taken breaks as well from time to time, good for you. Always refreshing to step back and take a deep breath and ponder one’s next move. Something of a relief, actually. Take the pressure off, as they say. Of course I usually find that I’m the one applying the pressure, but even if not, there’s nothing wrong with a little time out. Loving you, G

  4. Oh My…
    Take whatever precautions necessary!
    Bee careful dear, and Bee well. We’ll rendezvous again when the coast is clear…

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