we need to pause for a while………….

The Scar will continue to heal.

We will continue to wait for the green card.

But need to “step back” as they say, from blogging, for a bit.

We felt warned the other day. And cannot risk anything.

Perhaps we’ll still take pictures – who knows – maybe we’ll go Underground and start with a New Voice.

Until then

a bientot –

_tg xx

6 thoughts on “pause……

  1. Ruth Dobson-Torres says:

    May 15 was the day we left for Spain. We had a glorious time in Madrid, Barcelona and Galicia (in Gondomar and Santiago). I certainly wish you well during your siesta and hope that you will return!

  2. citoyenberlin says:

    I was missing your photographs so I had a look here. Breathtaking news but I hope you will return after this veiled intermezzo even more glorious. I really like your texts, thoughts and pics. So keep to your way of enriching others’ lifes. All the best to you!

  3. 1904 says:

    I’ve taken breaks as well from time to time, good for you. Always refreshing to step back and take a deep breath and ponder one’s next move. Something of a relief, actually. Take the pressure off, as they say. Of course I usually find that I’m the one applying the pressure, but even if not, there’s nothing wrong with a little time out. Loving you, G

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