cabbages and roses, tea cups, strawberries for breakfast, hand-written notes and a hello from India.

monday started Awfully Well:

there were left-over strawberries for breakfast (from our delightful tea-at-home with mP on sunday at 4pm)

and a new tea cup to admire from yesterday’s post-swim-shopping at tea & sympathy in greenwich village…

a lovely note to re-read and prop up on a candlestick to enjoy later..

we love it when people send us cards with a special “note for gloria” (especially when we’re slipping into the corporate drag for the Day Job)

#vivaClandestineLives – darlings ;)

a new moleskine (as you can see by the top picture, we have Quite Run out of space in the current one)

moleskine #133 (the picture is a repro on card from a vintage photograph – early 60s? Italy? – bought at the Perry St street fair on saturday in greenwich village – love his light tweed and casual-carrying-of-box-brownie and her tailored day dress with binoculars)

and we’re also dreaming of buying some Toile from Cabbages and Roses to ask Jonathan to find us a seamstress to whip them up into divine little throw pillows to guard against the fainting-couch-posing that will inevitably overcome us as the dastardly new york summer approaches.

all this – and a Lunch with some Fashionable People (yes, work, but in Such Glam situations from time-to-time), a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum after hours and then supper with the lovely B tonight.

isn’t life delicious?

what are your plans for today?

do share.

you know – in the comment-y place – yes, just there – do….we love hearing from you.

just today we had a “like” from a doctor – look! FROM INDIA. isn’t that glorious. we love India. Well, we’ve only been to New Delhi, on business, but it was extraordinary.

do say something - do :-)

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