gentlemen prefer blondes – or sometimes other gentlemen…..

we are a Tiny Bit disappointed with this evening’s entertainment…………… turns out that the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes night opposite the Ziegfeld was more of a “concert performance” (no glorious sets flown in and some actors still “on book” carrying the score) and despite being set in 1924 or thereabouts, the costumes were more of the mid-50s (they flatter no one, darlings) with a bit-of-spangle-ness.
BUT! (we cannot be sad for long) – Top Marks to the Delicious Megan Hilty for an Awfully pretty and fruity rendition of Lorelei Lee. And the Very Toned dancers in the Olympiads-dancing-scene with Dorothy (don’t you just Adore an Olympian? We met one the other day – swim team – strapping lass – gorgeous tattoos) were Awfully butch and glorious.

Of course we’ve always had a passion for Anita Loos who was one Smart Cookie and a sassy brunette with a kiss curl of a bob and a million-dollar-brain.

Confession: we got the idea of an alter-ego with a cute voice and a kick-up-the-kitten-heels-and-giggle from Anita.


And the little girl at the hotel, of course

Kay Thompson was a force to be reckoned with – “not an act, more of an experience” said a critic from Variety at the time.

That sounds like a good thing to be, darlings ;)

The alter-ego is not something to hide behind, it’s something to either use while “one” is finding out whom one is becoming next. Or a “device” (as they say in the movie Studios) to let Quite the Nicest bits of oneself Develop. While one is – perhaps – waiting for the Scar to heal, the Synthroid to get stable, the cake-desire to wane (oy vey) and the green card to arrive.

If You Know What We Mean.

we nearly blew it the other day.

All tired and scratchy and grumpy, we nearly let slip in a most inappropriate way – less of a Reveal than a petulant “This is who we Are”.

Luckily there’s a delete button on the interweb.

Not so in RL.

As you know.


The letter from England? That was a Very funny one from William

Oh – the Typewriter?

We saw it at the Perry St street fair today!

It looks like something Anita Loos or Kay Thompson might have used – non? Very excited.

The pearl bracelets?


Those are new-to-teamgloria.

We bought them in honor/honour/celebration of Anita Loos to wear to see Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Aren’t they delicious? And the ballet slipper pashmina (very soft and pretty) was to go with the pearls.

Darlings we were a Little shocked that some people were in Cargo Shorts (and they weren’t members of the Armed Forces) at the Theatre this evening.

Kay Thompson would have raised a perfectly arched eyebrow.

Anita would have tossed her tiny liitle bobbed hair and very small satin pumps and made a little sigh.

But there again, she was More Worldly than one would think – towards the end of her life she was interviewed and asked if Gentlemen Still Preferred Blondes and she laughed and said something along the lines of “don’t Gentlemen Prefer Gentlemen these days?”


Lorelei wouldn’t have got that one.

Or maybe she would.

The alter-ego is not necessarily as bubble-licious as one might expect ;)

We must wend our way downtown again – we have breakfast at a 5 star Hotel with someone Very glam and fashionable and from Abroad.

Isn’t life divine?

6 thoughts on “gentlemen prefer blondes – or sometimes other gentlemen…..

  1. Darling, I like the sound of the swimmer, did you go a bit girly or slap her on the back and talk about cigars?

    Pearl bracelet – very good and just right. Cargo shorts? This isn’t Florida! My word. Don’t people know how to go to the Theatre anymore? Xxx

  2. If it’s an alter ego that gets you through…whatever…then doll her up and give her any voice you like. Scar, Synthroid, and delinquent green cards be damned! Cake Cravings? That’s another story. Kay Thompson? Well if she was good enough to be Liza Mae’s Godmother, then she’s grand enough for me. The pearls are chic, the typewriter’s a hoot (I may need the lantern, do you ship?), and something from William in the post will certainly brighten any day.

    Here’s to strapping Olympians~
    Enjoy your breakfast. It’s 5-Star, have yourself a mimosa…

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