where is everybody? #moleskine

so we joined moleskine “world” – or “myMoleskine” as they call it (if you want to have a look for yourself, dear moleskine-lover – it’s at – you guessed it – moleskine.com)

but we seem to be the only entity with the desire to upload a picture (ironic, non?)

how sweet we look.

not sure what we’re going to do on the site.

but it was fun to join.

yet not Nearly as much fun as it was going-through-our-moleskine-collection (last night – in a tidying fit)

look! the First Set (from April 2003++)

and here are a few random ones from then – until now…

these were all from before-becoming-teamgloria*

but you can definitely see a Theme emerging, right?

such fun.

happy friday, darlings.

this is what the Village looked like this morning en route to an Early Morning Meeting for the Day Job.

some Committee has established a Bulletin Board at the corner of Charlton.

just in case the interweb stops working…..

thank god we can all stay in touch if it does.

such a charmingly sweet addition to the ‘hood.

(and tantalizingly speaks of a New Establishment to be opening soon with a Counter – “perhaps for dining” – the mind swims with anticipation.)

yes, spring Has Sprung!

so much to record.

so many moleskines to fill up with ideas and dreams and potions and portents and deliciousness.

do say something - do :-)

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