Lisbon – Madrid – NYC – may day protests


Changed plans at Madrid after leaving Lisbon this morning.


7 and a half hours later, landed in NYC.

And then drove around with a demented cab driver as all the streets were closed due to may day protests


An interesting combination of former radicalism (Poll Tax Riots, student protests back at London University days), a moment in our life in shared housing, signing on (the dole) and getting immersed in various out-there-movements-surging-on-coldharbour-lane………all mixed up with tiredness and jetlag (from a very well-heeled business trip in Europe) and, we’ll be Honest, fear around Immigration that keeps our desire to participate somewhat muted at this juncture of our life and yet, and Yet, teaching certain people to become Clandestine Columnists and feel comfortable around Technology and thus Have A Voice feels like the Most Radical Acts we’ve ever done, darlings.

We made it home.

Let’s see what’s next.

do say something - do :-)

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