to the casino, by night.

Tonight’s event was at the casino de madrid

And it was glorious…….







We are Beyond exhausted…..but have to admit it was Rather Glam at the casino de madrid this evening, darlings.



Not gambling.

But celebrating.

That’s all we can say.

The scarlet pashmina was a (Spanish-themed) success.

And now we can pass it on to a new home…….

The ballet shoes are a keeper.

We bought those very good quality leather soled Italian ones and Thoroughly enjoyed the way they encourage one to g l i d e through the streets of late night Spain, pashmina pulled tightly around one’s shoulders, satin clutch-clutched-to-the-bosom, long (black satin) bias cut skirt floating prettily like diaphanous butterfly wings beneath the tightly woven helmut lang knit-to-the-ground.

Not sure we Really want to dress like A Lady that Often (one feels awfully stared at and yet invisible and powerless and a Bit Silly all at the same time).

But occasionally, we now know, it’s something of a Pleasure.

And a Certain Very Chic person gets a kick out of it (you know who you Are) and that Pleases us Tremendously!


Sleep well, darlings (or have a safe commute home to our American friends and good morning, Asia!)

So Modern, as William says.

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