Buenas noches, jet-lag. #madrid

Oh dear.

We felt we had Quite Escaped.

But no.

Jet lag has Arrived.

We have a Long Day ahead.

And it’s now 1.27 AM, precisely, in Madrid.

Lying here helplessly.

Despite watching Korea Today (the presenters had Most distracting Ivy League accents) and comparing news bulletins on american, middle east and the BBC channels and a dubbed soap with some of the actors from beverlyhills90210 (could not Quite place the year – the skin tone was ultra smooth and tank tops in vivid brights have never gone Out of fashion in L.A, it seems) and then an Arabic sub-titled quarter of an hour of Atonement (lovely satin gowns and drop waist cotton sprigged dresses and bobs and Black Tie for Dinner and mind your manners, Briony) until it got to the sad bit and then……..oh, you get the idea.

Jet Lag is hideous.


Thanks to diptic (app-thingy), we had a Burst of creativity.



We’re going to be Ever so cross in the morning with Frown Lines.


How was your day, darlings?


2 thoughts on “Buenas noches, jet-lag. #madrid

  1. As always, love your pics. And yes – jet lag is hideous. But, if you ever get a chance, there is a delicious little film of that name with Jean Réno and Juliette Binoche, who meet over a delay in an airport. Do watch it in French (I think it’s in French); while both these actors speak English, it’s dreadful watching anything dubbed…

    Wishing you some sleep… and waking, refreshed.

    1. Ah yes!

      We love that movie.

      Sadly we tried to impress someone by giving them our DVD copy (mis-calculated) and it never returned.

      Off to buy a new copy at your suggestion!

      _tg xx

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