sprites, umbrellas and chinese lanterns and Useful Information

We almost Forgot…………..in the midst of last minute chores before the Driver arrives to swiftly deliver us and our modicum of carry-on-only-luggage to JFK!

A most marvelous/marvellous/splendiferous morning was had – the sprite and her literary Parent joined us at chelsea markets where there were Lanterns (“Chinese Lanterns”, corrected the sprite, and we concurred indeed They Were) and people-sheltering-from-the-rain shaking out umbrellas while hanging-out-hopefully at the Crepe stand and a curious whiff of Incense at the arty-fair and then – Quite by surprise – we were handed a Piece of Most Useful information about something that has been Troubling us and we felt a Vast Exhale was in order.

Thank you.

You know who you Are ;)


Bon voyage a nous!

do say something - do :-)

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