noel, libraries and new lives

we look at you over the tea cup as we are waiting for the black saloon car to drive through rainy manhattan and take us to the airport – we are Bound for Spain on a flight this evening.

In the meantime, a short note before we do Last minute chores (check windows, leave note for Betty the post-mistress to Hold Mail/keep post at the sorting office until we Return, empty trash/rubbish disposal et-cet-era).

Yesterday we had the Good Fortune to spend time with jM, who has just completed his Day Job – forever – and is now engaged in the Most Delicious life of the full-time writer.

Isn’t that glorious?

jM had suggested an Afternoon at the performing arts division of the New York Public Library for the exhibition on the life, genius, work and mordant wit of Noel Coward.

Splendid is the word.

It was Splendid.

If you are in NY we do recommend it – lots of Telegrams and Scrapbooks from Cutting Services in the employ of a certain Gertrude Lawrence, playbills and opening night notes, the silver frames on the Piano (including a Most alluring Nureyev) and the opportunity to Don Headphones and watch snippets of ITV (oddly not BBC) television programs/programmes and Movies, featuring Noel.

By far the most smile-inducing glass cases were those with Noel’s dressing gowns.

We own a blue-blue dressing gown that is Awfully Similar, in homage, darlings.

See you in Espana!!

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