but some of us are looking at the stars………

we are feeling So Much Better today – all that scary stuff has been dissolved by lots of pure mineral water, Tons of Sleep and a large pot of weak tea and novels and – curiously affecting – Being There from 1979 with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine (whom we once sat Awfully Nearby in a Hollywood restaurant and – blimey – a Ribald sense of fun and a Very wide and deep vocab, darlings ;)

and the Lovely George sent us a delicious card with his elegant penmanship tracing out immortal words from the great Oscar.

the card is perched whimsically by the windows where we sit, right now, eating half a grapefruit, very slowly, and watching the tiny birds Frolic on the newly sprung canopy of leaves.

continuing on the Oscar note, another friend just sent us a “txt” from Paris!

where – due to our recommendations, he is staying at the Hotel La Sorbonne! ah – memories of Paris.

No, twas not the Very Same hotel that Oscar met his demise……….but it Does have Very distinct wallpaper (in our room it was a dusky red, almost bordello-like) – so we felt somewhat attuned.

Packing awaits us today, in fact.

as we shall gather up our various pashminas (pashminae?) and medications and the Comme Des Garcons long black dress that we wore to the Gala for La Divine Deneuve and snatch the European adaptors from the cupboard with various black stretchy NY executive apparel and a couple of Tailored jackets and Fly to Espana tomorrow night…………..

after a week of Work, we are staying with a Very glorious friend for an evening and then heading to Lisbon until May 2nd.

Oscar would approve, we are sure – especially of our clandestine and covert nature of La Vie Double as we live it – can you Just picture Wilde on the internet, darlings? Multiple personas, an Official site curated by Some young chap in Bosie’s employ and numerous witticisms throughout art blogs and curated cultural delights…………

delicious, we’re sure ;)

3 thoughts on “but some of us are looking at the stars………

  1. Spain and Portugal! Two places I have never been… Someday, perhaps. Do be sure to post plenty of pictures and lots of lovely words from those exotic locales…

    Have a wonderful trip!

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