turning Red

In an unwelcome preview of becoming More Mature, in time, we had a Horrible heat flash suddenly descend upon us this morning.

It must be due to the increased (don’t ask) dosage of the post-surgery Synthroid.

So scary.

We were at the Post Office (such a rare occurrence but we wanted to send gifts to a new’ish mama in England) and then it happened – we just started to burn up – Literally!

All overcome and rosy, we stumbled into the street (Parcel safely on its way to England just in case you wondered) and in Utter Confusion and bewilderment attempted to Calm down.

Thank god(s) for Large Dark Glasses.

Not a good start to the day……………..

As the Americans say “we are So Over this sickness crap”.

Or as the Brits declare “this illness Lark is Beyond a joke”.

Our fellow Clandestine Columnist provides cheer in our secret emails back and forth and always includes the Delightful cry of the French Knights of Olden days – Haut Les Coeurs!

*sort of Chin up, chaps! But ever so much more glam and french and delicious and Rather Rousing!

Send calm cooling thoughts, darlings – we need it.



4 thoughts on “turning Red

  1. you should come to Palm Springs, this weekend it will be over 100 — you wont even notice the hot flashes, it will all simply blend in …
    beaming cool lovely thoughts of chilled breezes sliding off the slopes of the snow capped Mt. San Jacinto. and much love as always, G

    1. Dearest Gym!

      Oh how we Wish we Could – but we have to pack the smart trousers into the trusty silver samsonite and head to Europe en business :(



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