surgeon visit = more meds. #sigh

so our blood tests came back…..

…….so we headed Back to The Hospital for the following:

1. Pressing of the Scar (ow!)

2. Stuff ending in _caine shot up nose (ugh!)

3. Camera up nose and Down Throat (ow!!)

4. Neck squeezed (ow!) for more tumors (all clear there)

5. Pulse taken (excellent)

6. Blood test results – Not So Good

……….so More Meds #ugh

Returning June for follow up.


And then we posted to instagram and the Love-li-ness brought moist tears to eyes.


Isn’t the Internet bloody Lovely?!

Thank you for listening.

What did people do Before the Internet when poorly?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.




5 thoughts on “surgeon visit = more meds. #sigh

  1. Darling, the squeezing, the pressing, the shooting and especially the camera work – oh my, not good. I am so sorry that they need to prod and poke you so. And I know how uncomfortable all that is. But good news re having a pulse! Making you tea and crumpets and turning up the heating for you in wet London. Xxx

  2. Dark choco digestive biscuit (straight from the fridge) and a cuppa might help – clearly not a viable medical alternative.. but it’s a five minute fillip. I’m prescribing it for myself. Much lovexx

    1. We ended up having cantonese noodles in chicken soup and then watching a dvd box set of the Golden Girls on the laptop :)

      But dark chocolate Digestive from the Fridge is a splendid idea too.

      _tg xx

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