buds bursting forth –

Between yesterday and today the view from the couch Changed Entirely – the buds Burst forth into a riotous verdant foamy canopy – we sat curled up, with a strong cup of (half-caf) coffee and read the contents of our Latest Parcel – Conference at Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.


And So invigorating to read the next part of the adventures of Flora Poste, Robert Poste’s child-as-was (now a vicar’s wife with FIVE children) and yet still getting letters and popping them in her skirt (must have been a post-war-practical-skirt made from a Simplicity Pattern with pockets) to read later before taking the Coach to Sussex to sort out what has be-fallen poor Cold Comfort Farm*

*we’re only up to page 39 but apparently the Farm has been over-run with Management types determined to streamline and repress its basic Rural charm and turn it into a Conference Centre.


We have a Feeling all will not be well. And there will be a Great Deal of Confusion (and some awfully pretty yet stern expressions-under-a-taut-shiny-bob from the former Miss Poste)

On another note.

We are Off to a (short) conference this morning.

But we were So caught up in the ripping tales of Stella Gibbons (who, like us, started her career on a newspaper and wrote quietly and secretly on Other Stuff at a nearby Lyons’ Corner House – alas Lyons’ was Long Gone in London by the time we moved there but the spirit remains) that we almost wore one of the blue paste bejeweled pins/hairgrip/kirbygrip in our hair.


Not exactly Conference attire.

To hell with it.

The pin stays.

The glorious trees outside have inspired us to Throw Caution to the wind.


Plus we have to See the Surgeon later to examine our blood tests and press (OW!) on the Scar to ascertain its healing-speed.

A blue paste bejeweled pin is Probably a good companion.

We’ll slip Stella’s book into our school bag too – for later.

It’s always good to take a riveting friend to hospital for companionship in the Dreary waiting room.

2 thoughts on “buds bursting forth –

  1. Hey buds below!

    They say, Lyons corner house was a popular place for a gentleman to take a younger gentleman – just chums of course – of course, for tea, of course.

    Tally ho old girl.


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