Damsels…..and a diner

Just left the west side diner with mr. NmP and we are Still Chuckling over the Strange yet intellectually stimulating andMost Amusing movie.


A lovely day, all in all…


We are feeling Much Better – due in great part to your comments and emails and txts after our short-circuiting.

And also being accompanied at home and abroad (well, in a local cafe) by the great Diana Athill.

With the Perfect satin-y slip, in Framboise, to read it in….

Our long hair Clasped by some bejeweled/adornedClips-ness.

We found diana’s book (of letters) at housingworks…

After a walk through Washington square, redolent with fragrant cherry blossom still

En route to Therapy armed with self-knowledge – and a Strong coffee from la Colombe.

Yes, darlings.

Another classic Saturday in manhattan – used bookstores, therapy, matzo ball soup in a diner and a Most Amusing movie.

The framboise slip and sparkly hairclips were a Moment from Europe, of course.

Or savannah.


A Tennessee Williams style southern look, on reflection.

How, fitting ;)

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