the quiet pleasure of reading pre-publication uncorrected manuscripts, after more blood tests.

for some reason, we didn’t post – or tell anyone – or even snap a picture to share – that we were back at the hospital yesterday (yes! On our anniversary of a Year of Blogging no less).

it was just the routine blood tests before we see the surgeon (yes! the one that slit-our-throat) Next Week to “see how we’re Doing” (just about the Scar – he probably doesn’t want to know about the-other-stuff-like-Day-Job-and-immigration – that’s for the Other Professionals in our Life – we had No idea when we were small how Many it would Take to support our existence later on ;)

anyway – we went – back to the Hospital – yesterday.

and it was Weird.

weird in that we know exactly what to do – which arm, where to sit, make-a-fist (we have the Nicest translucent skin with Quite lovely clear veins, just to give you a visual), the slight dizziness after, the not-quite-right-blue of the “scrubs” – a deeper French Navy would be more flattering we think……..

Talking of French – we Happen to have a Connection to pre-publication manuscripts and so took a new friend (for thus we describe authors) with us to the Hospital while we sat and waited for our Blood to be drawn.

It was the Perfect book – for the author had decided to change her life following a bout of Hospital and surgeryness herself and swept herself off to Paris for a year.

Of course we were transfixed.

Not just by Paris – which is an Awfully Splendid place, of course (and we were Just There) – but by the gloria-ous nature of sweeping oneself to Paris, gripped by the notion of one’s mortality and the Utter joy of Requiring a Year to fully luxuriate in the Pleasures and silk-y-ness of a Dream of a different life.

we’re not allowed to review it here (we got into a Tiny Bit of trouble doing that with someone else’s book – thank goodness their publisher doesn’t know who we are in Real Life ;) so we promise to be good this time.

In 7 days, we’ll share our favorite/favourite/mostDelicious bits of this (shhhhh) pre-publication manuscript, when you can buy it in the Shops.

For now – we’re just grateful to have taken the author with us to the hospital yesterday as they would have Understood the low-lying fears surrounding blood test Results and surgeons Pushing on Scars to check the healing (ow? Why?) process that ensues.

as someone lovely said the other day – 2013 is the Year.

so this is all Delicious Preparation and rest and healing and writing and planning and Plotting and Meeting People and enjoying the new (tailored – so grown-up to have done That) black jackets with the flirty tunic and thick stretchy black fabric fashionable executive outfits and yes, the Dr. Martens (give a girl-from-london-some-credit-for-style) and the lovely pearl bangles (looks like Dior – actually from one of those shops that teen girls frequent – don’t tell anyone ;)

And Lots of Lovely pre-publication manuscripts to read…………….


which books do You have at your bedside (no naughty ones, please – high art, a Folio of Shakespeare or Milton, perhaps a large Biography?) – Do Tell, darlings…….

8 thoughts on “the quiet pleasure of reading pre-publication uncorrected manuscripts, after more blood tests.

  1. Many years ago a dear friend visited my house and he went for a spy in our bedroom and noted that the book on my husband’s bedside table was ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ and the book on my side was the unauthorised biography of George Micheal. He has mocked me for this ever since. That particular book choice makes me sound shallow and trashy and disposable. I am not, I just read widely and weirdly.

    Current pile: Primary Colours (never read before and I am loving it), an Agatha Christie on Kindle, the latest Jo Nesbo from Norway, the Beach by Alex Garland and reading for 5th time – the Secret History by Donna Tartt how I love her, I do.

    1. Jane!

      What splendid reading materials – particularly the “agatha-on-a-kindle” – delicious.

      George’s private and public decline and fall made for awfully good reading – Rather similar to Suetonius and Other roman tomes ;)

      Widely and weirdly.


      Why not?

      You’re a writer. It’s Important.

      So glad you stopped by :)

      _tg xx

  2. I’ve just added Ginsberg selected poems to my pile – I am a virgin and thought it was time to put an end to that. Some of them are quite the visual.

    ‘Oh Mr Sloane!’

  3. I will admit to:

    – One Jane Austen
    – An ELLE Magazine
    – One catalog of delicious art brut and outsider art
    – One Anne Lamott picked up weeks ago (but as yet, untouched)

    Where does the time go???

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