sometimes you just need a decent lunch…@robertatMAD

it’s been a good day, so far – and we had a Very Interesting meeting – as you know, we always enjoy people with Good Taste:

so rare.

but there again there were some Very Fashionable People in that last meeting.

talking of Fashion – we’ve been invited to the private view at Staley Wise for Lillian Bassman (sigh, so sad she has departed this world)

and you know we adore a private view, darlings…

this week has felt Rather Long so we decided to treat someone lovely (can’t tell you who, forgive) to a decent lunch.

because a room with a view (take a look below – not so shabby, right, love?) and a light salad nicoise is always a good idea (we learned that from Noel Coward’s diaries – when sad moments during the War overcame him, during his diplomatic career in Paris, he would take the letters recently arrived from London and read them over a “decent lunch”).

so we can’t tell you Who we had lunch with but we’d like to tell you Where we had lunch.

it’s here: Robert at MAD

do click on the link – because it’s only fitting that the restaurant Robert plays Sinatra on the website.

Who’s Robert?

glad you asked (and yes, that’s the first thing We Did Too upon arrival)

The Robert who inspired Robert at MAD (museum of arts and design) is none other than the Fabulous Robert Isabell, event creator extraordinaire who once flooded Studio 54 (gasp + LOVE!) with glitter (oh, yes, and threw a few parties at the house-that-is-white).

yes, glitter.

no. we never met him.

we wish we had.

but we did meet Lillian, last year.

just briefly at an event where she spoke about fashion and design and models with necks like swans and Avedon and the good life.

our eyes met, just once.

and we smiled, quietly, to be in the presence of a legend.

wouldn’t it be Delicious to be a Legend?

what would one Wear?

perhaps this…

(but a pretend one, of course, darlings).

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