blog crush: book mania


haven’t done this for A While – so here’s our latest blog crush – book mania  ……full of delicious aphorism, allusion and augmented reality through the written word…..glorious.

and some delectable and Rather Swoon-worthy libraries too!

Biblioteca do Convento de Mafra, Portugal (Photo by Eduardo Guerra)

darlings – we are going to Be near Mafra at the end of April…….we feel a plan coming on.

A detour for a Library is always important.

we do encourage you to visit our blog crush – book mania!

yes, george, that IS you-know-where……

for those of you who weren’t in Ojai, California, last new year’s eve (oh that would have been delicious, non? let’s do it next year) – do you recall when teamgloria spent a delightful afternoon at bart’s books?

we found a vintage (aren’t the Best Books so?) copy of les liaisons dangereuses (aren’t the most memorable always thus?)


now if Only one could find a decent clandestine correspondent from Abroad……

they appear to be So hard to find these days.


at least we have you.

(smiles, gently and winningly).

do you have a blog crush?

apart from us, of course.

(we Are feeling rather charming and coquettish today – who knows why – tis only Thursday and we’re Nowhere near Versailles).

do say something - do :-)

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