ancestors, shoes, fireflies and two questions.

have you met teamgloria’s ancestors, darling?

aren’t they Just MAGNIFICENT?

we hooted with joy upon seeing them in a Vintage Magazine recently.


how’s your day?

we had a lovely meeting with someone in some Very Spiffy Shoes:

rather 30s spats, non? lovely.

then there was a Lot of Work (am quite creaky in the shoulders from the typing and the phone-holding-under-the-ear-ness)….a Lot Today.

including some deeply interesting stuff we can’t talk about but will definitely be included in an autobiography at some Juncture, we imagine.

the day we met……

that sort of thing.

and the day started Very Early.

hello, dawn, basically.

then this was a magical moment a Bit Later on.

as we looked over from the desk, we kept seeing flashes of light – it was the sunlight quickly reflecting on the metallic tops of automobiles as they sped under the trees and on and up through the park. For a second it felt like there were fireflies darting through the leaves, letting themselves bask in the light.

see. we almost get a tiny bit, you know, poetic.

which isn’t easy in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan, lady.


two questions for You.

  1. when is your next vacation? Give dates and tell us it’s booked. Not that “I’m thinking of Venice” type response. Dates. And a confirmation email notification from your online booker (or private secretary if you’re that Smart). 
  2. when is your next massage booked? And come back to leave us a note here when you wake up the next day to thank us.

no arguments.

it’s hard work out there.

you Deserve It.

answers in the little box below, darlings.

go on.

you’ll feel better.

and it’ll make us smile prettily.


5 thoughts on “ancestors, shoes, fireflies and two questions.

  1. No vacation planned. :( But I have an excellent imagination – and that’s free!

    No massage planned… :( Hmmm. I wonder if I could drum up a Frenchman to give me a, um, hand… :)

  2. I thought we could both have a massage – we’ll discuss offline. What about the sea for the swimming? or Helston has a lovely local authority pool and is 3 miles away. xx

    1. Morning!

      sea is for paddling while holding a novel and a large hat ;)

      Excellent re Helston – love the name already.

      Due to the scar, we being Awfully Cautious and only allowing our regular “therapists” to touch. #shudder

      But You book one for You – you deserve it.

      Glorious. Truly. Glorious.

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