from a discreet table at the crosby

It’s raining in manhattan.

In a very misty persistently hair-ruining manner.

So we took refuge (post-therapy – where was it just our Exhaustion from the week or was Our Therapist playing the part of Robin Williams in that movie where Matt Damon is a brilliant mind in a working class situational hell? Oh. Right. That makes us Matt. Curious. Well – we Have been working out, darlings) at the Crosby Hotel with a furled copy of the Financial Times.

An hour later and we are Most pleased (a full english and no mistake, Marge – rib-sticking food, perfect for a day like today).

Then – from the vantage of our discreet table for one with a Lovely white tablecloth – we noticed a small and very compact man with a larger head than necessary and an Engaging grin (clearly took Movement classes at Drama School by that tripping-the-light-fantastic-run) Dash By and sweep up a tiny creature with a Very Famous Face (one of the Younger stars of today) and settle themselves into a Corner to talk intently.

Must be that ‘getting-to-know-you’ brunch (we note neither is actually eating though) before The Movie Begins.

Thanks to William we Are Enjoying Celia Imrie so we know something about this (she is Awfully Amusing about La Vie du Actors).

Are you having a lovely saturday, darlings?

8 thoughts on “from a discreet table at the crosby

  1. My Saturday was quite busy, thank you very much… but until now this over-work hasn’t put down my good mood – and the optimistic feelings which shall remain, otherwise it would be too boring/ painful to bare…
    I wish you can overcome your down feelings… as a French, I would say it’s because “you arre weurkingue very too much ma chéri”, and I presume without enough recognition (and even less gratitude…).
    “Kopf hoch” as my in-laws (so to speak) say… just a few day for something refreshing like a Rosamund Pilcher novel ;-)

      1. Please DON’T!!! Or are you a house-wife dreaming of family-love-and-money in Cornwall?
        I really do hope your High Meeting with Mr Godwin will be a bit more Glori-A-ous…

    1. how delicious to Know People in Clerkenwell.

      last time we were there, just light industry and a Small Press or two. Mostly letterpress (we make it sound like it was the early 1900s but we do believe it was late 80s….or mid-90s….Clerkenwell has Lovely Lofts, we hear – were you In a Loft? for lunch?)

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