sadness soothers: soup, massage, baths, BBC radio, booking vacations.

melancholy lifts when one remembers the following truly soothe.

a. vacation (squeezing in a couple of days in Lisbon, after business trip to Madrid in April but the Big one is a week in Cornwall with William !)

b. massage: we felt So weary today that we remembered supper with mC last night when we asked her how she was taking care of herself, and thought we had better take our own advice ;)


Yelo Spa soothed our mind, body and soul.

and the therapists were Very Understanding about the frenzied explanation about the Scar and requirements Not To Touch.

c. Vietnamese broth and noodles.

soothed and fed and warm and there’s a lovely twilight.


when’s your next vacation, massage and deep bowl of noodles in broth?

it helps.

do tell us Your self-soothing rituals.

Of course there’s also:

d. bubble bath: especially with crabtree and Evelyn Summer Rain or the powdery one called Nantucket something or other.

e. BBC radio 4 podcasts.

What else?

do Share, darlings.

4 thoughts on “sadness soothers: soup, massage, baths, BBC radio, booking vacations.

  1. Soup, yes. Homemade. Potato leek is divine.

    Tea. In one of my grandmother’s cups with saucer.

    A classic French film, preferably black and white. Or a chick flick, and time to watch it without guilt.

    Any page in Tropic of Cancer. Heaven.


  2. While there’s no appointment on my radar for a massage (rats), I will concur that a fragrant bowl of pho can bring serenity when nothing else can! And I too have a much deserved (and long overdue) vacation coming up.- my first trip to London!

    By the way, you recently inspired a rather different kind of post at my blog.
    I do enjoy my daily (or twice) dose of Teamgloria. Thanks for pollinating such good stuff.
    And all those chandeliers…a girl after my own heart!
    Glory BE!

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