three graces. and Detachment, midnight movie

happy friday, darlings.

today was that of three graces – all individually spiritual, uplifting, witty, lovely meetings, including a Lunch – and one virtual grace who sent teamgloria White Roses (we Adore white roses – our fellow Clandestine Columnist is Very Clever to Know That!)

how we GASPED upon walking back into our office to a delicious array of white blossoms……..

You are very loved, said our kind and special executive assistant (for we appear to be an executive – they just embossed our name on the new glass of the new office – quelle bizarre-ness)


And lovely meetings.

An unexpected luncheon – which, in such an OverScheduledDiary is a Most pleasant surprise.

there was also some chatting and bonding by the “tea machine” (yes, these Are our own eyelashes – oops, did we overdo the Liza Eyes today?) and some Visitors from Abroad who needed some guidance, counsel and a sharing of pleasantries and loveliness.

Post Work – swam!

And met up with some friends, including one who has lived on this planet for over Eighty Years (and has many a wicked tale to tell).

we ate chinese food.

and our fortune cookie said this –a day is a span of time no one is too wealthy to waste



And now we’re home – dis-Robed from the Day Job and toying with catching the 22:15 hours movie screening of Detachment with Adrien Brody

It’s meant to be depressing.

But sometimes one needs a three act opera rather than a light frothy comedy.

Especially when one’s heart is open.

Plus Lucy Liu is in it. And Adrien Brody.

We met Lucy Liu at a Hollywood Party in 2002. By a breezeway in a 1920s movie star’s house in One of the Canyons.

She’s very pretty in real life. With a remarkably cute nose.

UPDATE: midnight, east village

Saw Detachment.

A masterpiece.

Grotesque vision of society and failings and despair and yet there’s a glimmer – maybe more than one – and Adrien’s torture yet beauty – of hope – wow – that’s all we can say – wow.

Tony Kaye.


Here’s our tweet after a night immersed in the movie…………@TonyKaye #AdrienBrody intensely dark and beautiful and damaged and spirit and twisted love and internal pain transformed #detachment See It

Just saying.

do say something - do :-)

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