glorious Gloriana

well that Is delicious news!

we are currently engaged in our post-therapy-reading-of-the-british-newspapers at a Local cafe and whooped with amusement and joy to see that the Queen (of england) is building (well, her subjects are doing it one presumes although Everyone Knows the Princess Elizabeth was a car mechanic during WW2 and is Very accomplished a Barge called GLORIANA.

It’s all for a celebration of her diamond Jubilee (gosh, has it really been that long since the street parties, flag waving, victoria sponge cakes, mother’s pride moist with sandwich spread and cheddar and pickle – and Coronation Chicken if you were posh and like your chicken with a taste of the Raj – and Ribena moustaches and speeding off your pigtails on Tizer?)

The Naming of Gloriana is but a shimmer in the realm of cultural coincidences – nothing to do with us, of course.

although we Are spending an evening with the Establishment ce soir.



we’ll be in a long black dress and ballet shoes and pearls.

but the dress is from Comme Des Garcons.

Just so You know.

4 thoughts on “glorious Gloriana

    1. actually we Rather hoped there’d be a local strapping lad with a horse and trap ;)

      Like in Cold Comfort Farm

      Miss Post, if you want to be incredibly feudal

  1. You forgot the mcvities Ginger Cake and the soggy jam swiss rolls! Will the barge work as a floating prison when she’s finished with it do you think?

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