sniper fire and scars and pots of tea


have you noticed how sweet the sunsets are after a cRaZY day?

have you taken a moment during lunch to take a walk in the Park and look up into the soaring trees and see the first whispers of spring in the cool lofty branches?

and when the scar twinges – which it does – especially during metaphorical sniper fire, for some curious reason, we are Most grateful to look forward to a Long Conversation about Art, popular Culture, love, Paris, Adventurers and their tales of glory, and other glorious Glorias and Packing for New trips and writing – especially writing – oh and so much More.

All this happened today.

In its own beautiful way.

and to an evening slipped by quietly with friends to a soft soundtrack, created and curated by Someone Very knowledgeable and Gifted with music.

and long phonecalls. And reconnecting emails.

All this made today possible.

In the Most Elegant Way.


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