definitely, doris.

sometimes you just need to start – and end – the day with Doris.

wouldn’t it be utterly delicious to go to a sumptuous party in a darling apartment all festooned with Tiffany blue walls and taffeta gown drapes and sing a little ditty with Doris by the piano?

we watched a little of please don’t eat the daisies en route to the Day Job to prep ourselves with a Sunny Attitude and a rather imaginative slant to what turned out to be a pretty grey/gray/mushroom colour/color/shade day (cloud cover wise, we hasten to say).

off to SWIM soon.

and then – be still one’s beating heart – to the IFC to see Hal Hartley.

yes, in the flesh.

although being Hal Hartley, we bet he’s in a Very Sharp suit with a smart polo neck underneath.

we’ll let you know…

by the way – we met the next Nora Ephron recently – Drew Grant – remember her name.

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