for the love of Roses….

upon returning from Abroad, there was a bouquet of flowers and several parcels awaiting us (signed for by Betty, the faithful post-mistress, as she knows we Adore Post, and left at our door).

the flowers were for our birthday (last week – march 9th – when we were in Paris, on business – doesn’t that sound delicious a sentence to say out loud? do try it) one of them was the utterly splendid Garden Book by a certain Vita Sackville-West (also born march 9th, but a much earlier year, and in Quite Different Circumstances – we were not to the Manor Born sadly, but hope to be to the Manor Eventually, in Malibu, one hopes).

we are hoping to emulate Vita (we have done so in many ways already but that’s for Quite Another Blog – or an autobiography and probably a BBC mini-series if we play our cards right ;-) in Creating A Garden.

we don’t know where.

or when.

tis Highly Unlikely right now as we Travel a great deal and live in an apartment in manhattan where gardens are few and far between (we’ve never been good with a window box, we tried it in London once – it was fun to plant – and then a hassle to water and not Much Fun as one couldn’t breeze busily through it of a morning with one’s coffee and a copy of the International Press to enjoy down by the simple stream near the raspberries under canes and netting).

we’re not even sure we have “green fingers”.

but maybe we’ll be able to hire a gardener who can guide and chide and indulge us.

we’d like to grow all the roses that Vita mentions in her book.

and perhaps grow a white garden – like at Sissinghurst.

and greet the spring with freshly ordered plants or grown from a seed catalogue (Vita is always mentioning Seed Catalogues in the Garden Book, which was a collection of her columns from the 1940s onwards in The Observer newspaper)

wouldn’t that be Utterly divine?

because – as Vita writes – there is no limit to the imagination and Pleasure a garden brings..

Why, indeed, should anyone have a commonplace garden in the commonplace rectangle?

why, indeed.

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