emerging from jetlag #backInNYC

Loving the diversity of NYC.

a fast and furious almost-summer_light pick-up game at W 4th.

skateboards on the subway.

raw art.

Only in NYC. Yellow trousers? Could be Miami. A mini amp? Maybe Manchester. But both? NYC. Definitely.

The streetside booksellers.

Kinda sad.

Despite the fabulous finds. (vintage interior mags for decoupage).

Because they only exist when houseclearers are left to the spoils of a life that ended. But no-one inherited.

All you need is Love.

(and a great chiropractor and acupuncturist – we saw ours – the body is emerging healed. The spirit is probably still somewhere over the northern Seaboard).

Tomorrow we Return to the office.

Who knows what awaits……

do say something - do :-)

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