Italy? Or heaven?

Sunset over Milan as we landed from Paris (god, doesn’t that make the Most Delicious Sentence, darlings?)

dear god(s).

did we land in Italy……….

Or Heaven?


To quote Julie Andrews (as Maria)

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good


It’s going to be So Hard to leave this room tomorrow…….

But we just swam (agonizingly healthy, right?)

Landed at linate airport at 19:45. A smooth Italian sentence at the smooth Italian driver and we sped off towards Town.

An hour later we were swimming lengths in the pool on the 10th floor.

just teamgloria.

The driver had other things to do.

we are going to relish this beauty…


A tiny bit breathless.

To be honest.

We feel faint around such deliciousness as you know….

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