a brilliant birthday

’twas a Full day Indeed.

A year older.

And much wiser.

Especially about Danish customs.

Thought you were in Paris? (we imagine you saying, with a quizzical look at the screen of your choice)

Mais Oui.

Which is why we started our day with the shutters flung open to thrill at the Parisian dawn before we swam and then took a long walk around the city’s winding secret passages and ended it by attending a northern European film festival with a Danish movie (Beast) as one does.

When in Paris.

There was some work too, along the way, but it was Paris. So the backdrop to our enterprise looked almost cinematic.

Even purely and truly cinematic (scroll down to the clapboard). Yes. We had lunch in the Very Spot where Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson dine in something’s gotta give (although the French release was titled differently without the same sense of surrender ;) bien sur).










This is where we sat.

And this is Diane Keaton, in the movie, we hasten to add. We didn’t have lunch with Diane – this year.

Although we Did celebrate our birthday at Trader Vics in Los Angeles in 2003 with Carrie Fisher and Tracey Ullman at the same table but we weren’t the Main Feature (as you might imagine) as there were two Other March 9th celebrants in our small party*

*we just happened to be with friends – new and old – at noon today on avenue George V – and met Yet Another lovely person born on march 9th – delicious.

Back to This Birthday!







This is the view from our hotel room for the weekend.

Work doesn’t resume until we fly to Italy on Sunday #quelleLaVieJetSet so we decided to move to the Latin Quarter for a more downtown feel.

And, finally, we slipped into a screening of the Danish film beast

Not sure if we’d recommend it as it was darkly disturbing and deeply Danish (brooding, intense skies, snowfalls, emotional jags and sharp knives) but beautifully shot.

A perfect birthday.

Paris – movies – bookshops – friends – hotel shutters and musing over a rapidly filling-up-moleskine-with-notes-about-Life*

*and other subjects that begin with L

Like lighting.

Moving downtown has taken us from chandelier-land to the lair of the Anglepoise.

We are adjusting to a chicer stance.

Less louche.

More black trench coat and cloche hat.

Less cashmere sweater and pearls.

If you know what we mean.

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