hotel rooms: roses, linens, chandeliers and Nina Simone.

we just slipped away from tonight’s event – a little face time, smiles, a few bon mots, tiny bit of intelligensia and a Lot of satin gowns (yes, we wore a little satin bias cut ourselves and carried a clutch ;) just on the odd occasion and yes we Do feel odd doing it….

And now we’re back in the hotel room to rest and catch our breath and slip into a more tranquil mood – satin, linens, roses, chandeliers and listening to Nina Simone – divine And delicious.



This from earlier in the lobby of George V, we don’t have an original Sargent in our room, darlings.


This was dawn seen with the shutters wide open…..

we held the iTouch into the glimmering light while playing La Vie En Rose.


Before the work day started, we swam (oh yes, curves are taming nicely) and had to stand by the locked doors with a gentle pleading look as the staff smiled in shock that a guest Waited at such an ungodly Heure of 0635 but there’s So much to Do. And took a lovely walk in the Very cold air before attending a breakfast and being attentive and solicitous as Required.

Slight awkward moment.

One of our colleagues from eastern lands had chosen Quentin as his English name.

Quentin Crisp! We said. And went into paroxysms of deliciousness over lilac hair and subsisting on canapé anecdotes. There was a tense moment. We bit into a pain au chocolat (oops) as our guest said Tarantino and turned to the left.

Oh. Not That Kind of Quentin.




We drifted off to hang out with the powder puff of a cat at the mini Dior salon in the Bristol.

A long day. But a beautiful one.

And the party must be over soon downstairs. Shall we slip out into the night for a walk in the misty rain?

Or just stay in and admire the chandelier?

7 thoughts on “hotel rooms: roses, linens, chandeliers and Nina Simone.

    1. Chere Michael

      We did…..

      And now (with hair crazy from the misty rain), we’re having a little Late Supper in Cafe Chic where there’s a DJ playing Macarthur Park. And a drag queen by day dancer by night snotty waiter.

      Quelle parfait Parisian.



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