riding the bus and jazz hands in the swimming pool

sometimes the subway is just too fast (noisy, dirty, lack of personal space – you know the idea) to take……

so we took the bus back downtown after therapy, swimming, and picking up some replacement wardrobe basics (yes, stretchy-black-manhattan-executive-yet-vaguely-60s-silhouette-fabric-ness) for PARIS (red eye, monday night – Can’t Wait).

the bus is great for people watching (attractive teutonic tourists with actual maps in Moncler) as is the swimming pool, on a saturday lunchtime – Who Knew?!

Jazz-er-cise was Taking Place in the slow and medium (merged) lanes.

dead exciting.

All jazz hands, noodles/brightly-hued-polystyrene-tubing, resistance-training (whatever that is) and Pumping the Air to a Vibrant soundtrack of Michael Jackson and other greatest hits of the discotheque circa 1975. Don’t stop til you get enough and more, baby.


But wait!

There’s more.

The teacher was GLORIAous. – a former dancer/breakdancer/clubKid with fearsome moves “MOVE IT, LOLA!” in his probably important vintage sneakers/plimsolls/sportsfootwear and – hold your breath love – an Arena t-shirt – yes, The classic night-decadence-club of its day. Wow.

Here’s some background, darlings from those mysterious folks at wikipedia:


The Palladium was converted from a music venue into a nightclub by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, and they hired Danceteria DJ Richard Sweret who saw the possibility of a much larger audience for a downtown ‘New Wave music’, Euro and house music oriented club. From its celebrity-studded opening in May 1985, through the end of the 80s it was one of the major features on a vibrant New York club scene. The club was a mainstay on the New York club scene until it was bought out in 1998 by New York University (NYU) and demolished for a campus housing project.

Junior Vasquez’s Arena party, held Saturday nights and Sunday mornings at Palladium between September 1996 and September 1997, was one of the most popular parties in the New York club scene at the time. Although the promoters billed Arena as “The Gay Man’s Pleasure Dome,” the party drew an eclectic mix of gay and straight from Manhattan and far beyond. Vasquez commemorated Arena in the titles of the remixes he produced that year.

More Here!


If that isn’t an Interesting juxtaposition on a saturday morning in the big apple……………the past colliding in the medium lane in a high-end Corporate Warriors’ health club/gym/survivalModeJoint


By the way.

We’re riding the bus for free.


Our metrocard had run out and our look of Pure Defeat and possible mascara-tinted-tears due to immigration stress did the driver in – “get in, lady” he said, jerking his head to the back of the bus.

We smiled, softly, gratefully and reveled in a moment of kindness in a big cRaZy city like NYC.

have a beautiful saturday, darlings —-

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