set-backs….and other sadness..

so the latest visa bulletin is out for green cards and, er, the processing month for when we had our file sent to the Right People, is still a loooooooooooooooong way away.

we had thought June.

mais non.

not our timing.

the Universe knows best. we have to believe that.

or we’d cRaCK up.

but we feel sad.

really sad.

we have waited a long time.

and as someone lovely just said on the phone, in a delightful east coast accent:

oh honey. that’s a bummer.

which helped.

as did taking this bubble picture. and writing these words. and reading your comments. and not scratching the Scar which is a bit sad too.


7 thoughts on “set-backs….and other sadness..

  1. The key thing is they haven’t turned you down or asked you to leave the country. They are just making you wait……..more time for cheese sandwiches, planning, dreaming, having tea with lovely people, wearing slightly french hats……Your time WILL come / IS coming.

    lots of love xxx

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