TriBeCa at dusk. Made by Hand. Art show.

TriBeCa by dusk.





The 1 train had signal failure. So we had to take the Express and Walk.

Which was actually very Helpful to decompress. If you know what we mean, darlings.

And then to an Art Show made by hand with One of the Artists himself,


Strange and beautifully intricate work with chenille stems. Like a Victorian set of wall hangings.

We confessed that we don’t possess artistic language beyond Fragonard at The Wallace.

But thestemist , aka Greg, was kind.

He knows we are into chandeliers.

And crystal water features like this one at the trump soho.

But there was something tranquil about greg’s work. Like an afternoon with a ticking carriage clock and the grandfather Swedish tall one chimes cheerily next to the barometer as tea is brought out from the kitchen on a trolley with bourbon biscuits on Thursdays as a Special Treat.



And Quite different from martyn thompson who is exploring new horizons with falling glitter, cut outs and a pulsing Grace Jones soundtrack.

Very glam. In a Bowie, stardust, Roxy Music, Leigh Bowery way.

We do the most Interesting things.

And it’s only Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “TriBeCa at dusk. Made by Hand. Art show.

  1. Gorgeous, so glad you enjoyed. I am sat at home full of cold, so am enjoying your New York life today as part of my London tonic.

    I have a few days off next week and so am planning various artistic ventures myself including Picasso at the Tate, and Turner in Margate.

    I was once at a nightclub on Oxford Street (Italian Disco) and Leigh Bowery was there in one of his wonderful outfits, the one with lights on his head. One of the bulbs wasn’t working and so I asked him why. I don’t remember his exact response but it was something to do with it needing charging up. Anyway it resulted in him chasing me. I wasn’t going to be his battery, and luckily was quicker on my toes than he was. Oh the fun the young have! But you’d know all about that what with turning 36 yourself shortly.

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